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Property Tax Protest

Did you know that lowering your Real Estate Property Tax is an immediate way to cut expenses and add to your bottom line?

Since 2007, TRMC has been offering Property Tax Protest to Clients at a very affordable rate. As a certified Property Tax Consultant with years of experience and expertise, we have been able to consistently maintain an extremely high success rate of appealing the property taxes assessed by Nueces County.

What we need to get started Saving You Money:

Once you receive your Valuation Notice from the Appraisal District, it is imperative to contact us immediately as you only have thirty (30) days from the date of the notice to file your protest and set up a hearing. Keep in mind, the appraisal district will not send you a notice if your valuation has not changed or if it was increased by less than 5%. If you have not received the Valuation Notice by mid May, you should still contact us so that we may check with the county's records. Please remit the following:

  1. Valuation Notice (original or copy) from Nueces County's Appraisal District
  2. Completed Appointment of Agent for Property Taxes Form - Print Form
  3. Completed Property Tax Notice of Protest Form - Print Form
  4. Completed Property Tax Questionnaire - Print Questionnaire
  5. Check or Money Order in the amount $200.00 (per property) made payable to “TRMC”

Once we receive the above referenced items, we will email you confirmation of receipt. Our contact information is as follows:

The Rental Management Company, Inc (TRMC)
14613 South Padre Island Drive
Corpus Christi, Texas 78418

P:   361-949-9050
F:   361-949-9070
E:   ggraham@rentalmgmt.com 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you need originals or will a fax or copy suffice?

Copies or faxes are acceptable.

Will you also protest taxes on vacant lots?


Is there a fee if you protest my property but are unable to reduce the value?

Yes. The fee covers the time to research and analyze comparable properties, meet and negotiate with the appraisal district on your property including any actual presentation of your protest to the hearing Board, if required.

Notice of Protest, Step 3. What do I check off?

Do not check anything. Let TRMC determine the reason for the protest after research.

Notice of Protest, Step 4. What information do I need to enter?

Please only state "Will present at hearing". As soon as you express an interest in the service we begin building your case. You may leave the value blank.

Notice of Protest, Step 5. Do I check "Yes" or "No"?

Please check "Yes" to have a copy of the hearing sent. *Since we are personally filing the protests, DO NOT FILE ELECTRONICALLY as it will cause two protests to be filed. Send all completed forms back to us where we will hand deliver them to the Appraisal office.

Appointment of Agent, Step 3. Who's name do I write for the Agent?

Gary Graham

Appointment of Agent, Step 4. Which box do I check for Agent's Authority?

Select the first box, "all property tax matters concerning the property identified"

Appointment of Agent, Step 5. On what date will the agent's authority end?

Last day of the current year.